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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Super Rare- Gary Littlejohn Monoshock BMX Head Tube Sticker

This head tube sticker is from the frontier days of So. Cal BMX racing. Gary Littlejohn was one of the first bmx bike builders and for a short time his frames were in big demand.

This is a very rare head tube sticker in mint condition and printed on clear material.

Vintage Old School Panda Power BMX Frames

Maybe because I raced NBA and then ABA mostly on the West Coast and the Midwest I don't know much about Panda bmx bikes. I know that when I raced an NBL national I saw many more of them and then later team riders. So for you Panda Power racers here is a very cool Panda sticker on the ever popular prism tape material.

CYC BMX Head Tube Sticker

The mirror sticker material is always the most difficult to scan and were these ever popular in the 1970's. CYC BMX was one of the first bmx only distributors and bike builders. I remember that they were everywhere, but never had the following of the other cooler designed bmx bikes.

This is an original head tube sticker on silver mylar.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Zeronine BMX Number Plate Sticker

Yes, you could stick this sticker on anything including a visor, tool box or you name it! Zeronine came on the BMX scene in 1978 when Owen Scheppman began making numbers 0-9 for plates. Located in the Chicago. Illinois area he created a cool new look for riders. As Zeronine grew Owen added race wear, pads, number plates and later bikes too!

ABA 1983 Grands Huffy Racing Event Patch

Ok, so it is not a BMX sticker, but this is the kind of stuff you will find popping up at this blog. The patch was given to every participant at the 1983 ABA BMX Grand Nationals in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Jersey patches usually were immediately put on your race jersey or a jacket by most racers. That way when you went to the local track you had bragging rights.

In 1983 Brian Patterson became the ABA #1 Pro for a second time and the ABA #1 Amateur was Diamond Back rider Doug Davis.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bicycle Motocross Action Magazine sticker

Bicycle Motocross Action was probably the most influencial magazine in the early days of BMX. Bob Osborn was part of the sport since the very early days. Throughout the years BMXA made a number of different styles of stickers, this one was from the early 1980's. The sticker is black ink on brushed metal sticker material.

Original MotoMag Frame Sticker- BMX Products

One of the original BMX manufacturers BMX Products was founded by Skip Hess, an old drag racer. When Skip started the company he took some knowledge from the drag racing industry. Drag cars and muscle cars already had plenty of cast aluminum wheels, Skip made them for us BMXers!

The original BMX mag wheel was the MotoMag and these first stickers were a two-sided sandwich that wrapped around the downtube of your bmx frame.